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Train fat metabolism and optimise fat combustion

Energy supply is often the limiting factor in sports when it comes to optimal performance over a longer period of physical activity. Quickly available carbohydrate reserves are limited and exhausted after about two hours. In this situation, the body is forced to fall back on its fat reserves. In principle, the fat deposits stored in the body provide energy for several days. The problem, however, is that during intense physical activity it is much easier for the body to fall back on the carbohydrate reserves stored as glycogen, which are metabolised efficiently, especially in lower pulse ranges, than on the fat stores. In order to efficiently convert the extensive fat deposits into energy and thus into athletic performance, it makes sense to train fat metabolism specifically.

Boost fat metabolism with fasting workouts
Fasting workouts are a proven method to activate the fat metabolism. During these sessions, which typically take place in the morning, carbohydrates are deliberately avoided. To counteract the breakdown of the body's own protein during exercise, it is recommended to take easily digestible amino acid products such as BCAA, EAA or AMINO 12500 beforehand.

Metabolic training for fat loss
During phases of fat metabolism training, a diet rich in fats and proteins should generally be followed, while carbohydrates should only be taken in moderate amounts. The energy from carbohydrates is thus to a certain extent replaced by fat and protein. Protein also reduces the breakdown of the body's own protein during exercise and supports numerous protein-dependent metabolic processes. Easily digestible protein products such as BCAA, EAA and AMINO 12500 are helpful during such training phases. The body should also be supplied with high-quality and healthy fats. Supplementing the daily diet with MCT OIL, a keto-friendly oil extracted from coconuts, is a good way to do this. It can be used in sauces or added to protein shakes, for example. MCT OIL is also often added to coffee to complement the activating and performance-enhancing effect on cognitive performance. In addition, metabolic training can be specifically supported with LOW CARB BURNER, ACTIVATOR, ELECTROLYTES as well as - in hot weather conditions - SALT CAPS.

Five booster tips for successful fat metabolic training
• Fasting run of 30-60 min (increase slowly) with coffee beforehand, to which MCT OIL has been added.
• Fasting run of 30-60 min (increase slowly), taking water with ELECTROLYTES and BCAA powder (open the capsule and dissolve the powder in the drink) before or during exercise.
• In addition, take a WHEY protein shake in the morning before long sessions.
• Furthermore during longer sessions, take one or two AMINO 12500 shots every two to three hours.
• Fortify ELECTROLYTES with CAFFEINE CAPS (open the capsule and dissolve the powder in the drink).

Authors: Ruedi Wild (former professional triathlete) and Remo Jutzeler (Head of R&D SPONSER SPORT FOOD, Food Science Engineer FH and MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ)

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