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Intake recommendations of ACTIVATOR 200 for various physical activities

The popular ACTIVATOR 200 caffeine Shot with 200mg of caffeine increases endurance and improves concentration and attention during crucial phases of a competition. Sprint and endurance athletes in particular regularly use it; whether before the starting signal or during the race. In order to prevent the «shot» from backfiring, it is worth following the recommendations for consumption below:

Sprint and interval performances
These physical activities benefit from increased concentration, alertness and adrenaline activity. It is recommended to take ACTIVATOR sufficiently prior to, about 30-60 minutes, to cover the optimal period of efficacy.

Endurance competitions of 1-3 h duration
With endurance activities of several hours duration, an increased endurance performance can be expected by caffeine's effect on improved fatty acid oxidation for energy supply.
As the highest caffeine concentration in the blood occurs around 45-60 minutes after ingestion and then flattens out over the following 2-3 hours, it is important to plan your intake according to your individual situation. Like this the maximum effect can be achieved right from the start, or, for example, specifically for the second half or the final phase of a competition.

12- to 24-hour races
One possible application would be to take an ACTIVATOR with its 200 mg caffeine per flask every 3 hours, depending on body weight it may also be a little more or less. If you already have experience with caffeine and tolerate it well, you can begin right from the start. Otherwise, it is recommended to wait a little longer and to use the ampoules in a 5-6 hours rhythm, for example. Or only selectively and purposefully about 30 minutes before performance-critical phases (night, or in good time before expected performance slumps).

Ultra events lasting several days
The same recommendations as for one-day events apply. However, it is important to consider a sufficient time distance (at least 4 hours) between the last caffeine intake before sleep breaks.

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Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ