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  • Concentrated energy from oats
  • Natural ingredients, best taste
  • 100% handmade in Switzerland


    Packaging Unit

    The OAT PACK bars from SPONSER® are available in two different versions: Macadamia-Chufas and Creamy Caramel. Both are based on natural energy from oat flakes. These energy bars are ideal companions in your active everyday life - during outdoor activities as well as at work.
    Oat flakes have a sustained satiating effect thanks to the swelling properties of its soluble fibres and contain a high proportion of long-chain carbohydrates. The natural, high-quality ingredients of these bars, together with a gentle manufacturing process, ensure a delicious taste experience.
    SPONSER® recommends OAT PACK especially for low-intensity and long endurance activities. Find a brief description of all energy bars in the overview bars in comparison.
    Oat flakes combined with roasted chufas (tigernuts) and high-quality macadamia nuts. Vegan and 100% handmade in Switzerland

    Oat Pack Madamania Chufas:vegan

    Suitable as a power snack for work, leisure and sport.


    per 100 g

    per bar

    energy kJ (kcal)

    1700 (405)

    1020 (243)


    17 g

    10 g

    of which saturated fatty acids


    3.9 g


    2.3 g


    56 g

    34 g

    of which sugars

    17 g

    10 g


    7.4 g

    4.4 g


    7.0 g

    4.2 g


    0.10 g

    0.06 g

    Oatflakes 40%, glucose syrup, invert sugar, macadamia nuts 12%, praline mass (sugar, hazelnuts, palm and palm kernel oil, soy flour, cacao mass, emulsifier soy lecithin, flavour), tigernuts 4% (chufas), non-hydrogenated margarine, lemon juice, salt. May contain traces of other nuts and seeds.

    Developed and producet in Switzerland