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Two key measures against corona/covid-19 infection

» How to reduce the risk of infection (PDF)

In order to stay healthy and as resistant to disease as possible, there are two effective strategies for reducing the risk of infection that you can follow simultaneously. These are generally applicable, not only in the current context of the corona virus, but all possible flu-like infections.

1. Avoid pathogens
• Social distancing
• Wash hands regularly with soap or sanitizer
• Avoid hand contact with mouth, nose and eyes
• Avoid persons with indications of illness
• Keep 2m distance to other persons
• Avoid sharing personal items
• Avoid directly touching frequently handed items
• Hygiene when eating

2. Strengthen the immune system
• Proteins and micronutrients
• Sun and vitamin D
• Sport and exercise
• Reduze stress, positive mood
• Sufficient sleep
• Vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances
• Prebiotics
• Colostrum & nucleotides
• Avoid alcohol and nicotine

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Zwei Hauptmassnahmen gegen eine Corona/Covid-19 Infektion