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«Between two runs I eat some pasta or a HIGH ENERGY BAR Salty+Nuts»

He is the one «on the top» of all the slalom riders. With his two-meter height, Swiss ski racer Ramon Zenhäusern is literally standing out. Especially when ending up on the top of a podium, as was recently the case at the 2019 World Ski Championships in Åre (team) or the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang (gold with the team, silver in the individual race). We were able to meet the charming Swiss for a short interview and find out about his nutrition strategy before important races.

Ramon, what are your plans for the upcoming season?

My goals are always the same: I want to stay as healthy as possible and have fun while racing. And if that is given, I am convinced that good results will follow. I also try to continuously develop and improve my skills.

Do you have a favourite race that you are already looking forward to?

My favourite races are principally the races in Switzerland: Adelboden and Wengen. There I can really feel how the fans push me to a top performance!

What does your breakfast look like on race day?

Before an important race, I make sure that I eat a balanced breakfast. That means: A good mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. That's why I usually eat my way through the breakfast buffets.

Do you have enough time to eat between two runs?

Although I would have enough time between the runs to eat, I am usually so nervous that I don't eat a lot. But in order to have enough energy for the second run, I have a little meal or a snack. I usually eat some pasta and/or a HIGH ENERGY BAR Salty+Nuts from SPONSER.

Which SPONSER products do you like best?

With my size I burn an enormous amount of calories on a training day on the glacier at 3000 m above sea level. Therefore, it is essential that I quickly recharge my energy stores with a protein or a recovery shake. Immediately before a competition I take a LIQUID ENERGY GEL and drink an ISOTONIC sports drink.

Is there a sports nutrition product that still needs to be invented for you and your preferences?

No at all! SPONSER has such a wide range of products that every athlete will be satisfied. I am perfectly happy with SPONSER!

Which menu do you prefer to celebrate your victories and medals with?

I don't really have a special winners' menu, but with a Fondue Chinoise you can always make me happy.